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Keeping things in the family is one of the kinkier themes in adult porn entertainment. Cheating husbands and wives are a common plot device in porn, but it’s usually with someone outside of the home, like a friend, a coworker, or a random hookup. FamilyStrokes, however, hits that ass closer to home with its theme, banging non-genetically connected members of the family. It’s that illusion of breaking societal taboos in getting hot and heavy sex that FamilyStrokes plays on, and does it quite well. The perversion is strong in this site, and that’s the attraction of it. Let’s explore what FamilyStrokes has to offer in more detail.


Design and Features

FamilyStrokes evokes a familiar feel to its home site. The font used for the FamilyStrokes site logo is similar to that of some sitcoms of yesteryear, like Diffr’nt Strokes and Family Matters. However, the content is undoubtedly sizzling hot and for adults only. Sure, there are serious family activities here… but it’s the oral sex, anal penetration, and cum blasting variety! The color palette of the site is very simple, yet pleasing to the eye. Muted greens, grays, and whites fill the different pages. This is good as it keeps the visitor’s attention to the content itself, avoiding distractions that a more flamboyant color scheme would potentially lead to. The tabs for the different areas in the FamilyStrokes site are easily found at the upper right-hand corner, with the home tab, the link to the videos, top rated scenes, and members’ login, as well as the requisite form for new members to sign up and become a member. FamilyStrokes also touts 24/7 customer support, anonymity, access to the mobile site optimized for the latest devices, and privacy guarantees.

Another point that one would notice about the website is the FamilyStrokes page jumps immediately in presenting the screen caps and teasers for the videos of promiscuous hardcore sex between stepfathers, stepmoms, and stepsiblings. The splash, for instance, gives some key screencaps from choice selections of the videos available on the FamilyStrokes site. It honestly doesn’t need one, as the naughty bits of the screencaps for each video tells members and new visitors exactly what the site is all about. However, an interesting twist it does are the accompanying images of smartphones with selfies and text messages that reveal the naughty situations these families find themselves in. It adds to the thematic illusion of reality that FamilyStrokes centers on. Nice touch! Updates for the FamilyStrokes site are made once a week, with a new gratuitously sexy video added to the available adult content.

Girls and Videos

The general plots in the sexually charged videos on FamilyStrokes revolve around how to get the newest member of the family, due to stepmom and step-dad getting married, to do the deed and have hot, hardcore sex. Oftentimes, the effort isn’t really much, as the target is as horny as a goat as well. Sometimes, the idea of not revealing to anyone else is included… but often, it’s fun for everybody! The videos on FamilyStrokes often have creatively naughty titles. Another creative detail is how each video is tagged with the supposed names of each family. There’s The Mitchell Family, The Green Family, The May Family, The Stepford Family, and my personal favorite, The Rivera Family.

The settings for the FamilyStrokes streaming videos are understandably around the household. While most of the hardcore sex occur and finish in the bedroom, they are as likely to begin and end in the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the garden, and everywhere in between. No room or floor is sacred with these horny families. The models on FamilyStrokes are relatively new to the adult porn industry, particularly the horny girls being seduced by their virile stepdads, MILF stepmoms, or pervert step-brothers. Every other role has someone familiar to porn aficionados, but the stepsisters are often fresh faces. All these new adult female models are very pretty and undeniably sexy. One model, in particular, caught my rock hard cock’s attention. Her screen name’s Mila Jade and, hot damn, she is a looker. Her exotic Asian features, tight body and adorable perky tits can give any guy a hard on at the sight of her. Mmm! If I had a stepsis that looked like her, I certainly would have a hard time keeping my erection unnoticed. I just had to check her out more closely.

Thankfully, FamilyStrokes provides a short teaser of the cum-dripping action. The preview gives an idea of what the basic plot is. In this case, it’s Mila’s step-sibling in The Rivera Family watching her change in her sexy undies. Catching her perverse stepbrother in the act, the two eventually agree on getting it on when they’re all alone in the living room. That’s when the real action begins, with Mila having her very cute and tight pussy lips eaten out. The FamilyStrokes preview ends with a massive cumshot drenching Mila’s beautiful Asian face in man jizz. Man! That was awesome! If this is just the top of what FamilyStrokes has to offer its members, sign me up! The sexy streaming videos on FamilyStrokes are in high-quality MP4 format. Members have exclusive access to different versions depending on the device of choice. That’s great when you’re feeling hot and horny out there in the outdoors and need some inspiration to rub one out and pleasure yourself!


FamilyStrokes does a great job in focusing on the kinky taboo of sex within the family thanks to parents remarrying. Everyone is fair game in the scenarios of the streaming sex videos and no sexual position is out of bounds when these family members decide to play hide the sausage. This equates to great looking hardcore sex videos for members of the FamilyStrokes site to enjoy. If you’ve got a hankering for a nice adult porn site that does a nice job presenting family affairs, give FamilyStrokes a visit and see for yourself.

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